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~Briana & The Boys

About the Briana Payne Band..

The Band.......................

Briana Payne

Briana Payne

Life is about Love, Happiness,and fun. Im so Lucky to be surrounded by all three! I'm so Lucky to have so much support from our followers! Thank you so much to everyone that supports our band and comes out to the shows, etc. We Love you!!!- ~Briana

Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar.

Danny "Big Country" Ousley

Danny Plays Lead Guitar for the band and also sings back up vocals, he's been with the Briana Payne Band since april of 2013 and were glad to have him.

"I really enjoy playing in this band. Everyone is dedicated and great at what they do. The music is great and the country crowd is awesome."


Lead Guitar & Background vocals

Ed Miller

Ed Plays Bass for the band, as well as back up vocals, Hes been with Briana since the very beginning, and hes stuck with her through all the rough patches of finding the right musicians, very patient man. After two years we found the right group dedicated enough to create a great sound!

"Coming from a rock n roll backround to play country music was a big departure. Now being Briana's bass player rounds out my musical career. It's been the most enjoyable time in music being associated with Briana a wonderful, talented young lady, and with Danny O. and Danny A. this band rocks!"


Bass & Background Vocals

Danny A

Danny has brought a great set of skills and a very positive attitude to the group and we are glad to have him!

"Well I guess I can say I have an extensive history with all types of music, and that Drumming comes natural to me.The life story about musicians can only be told by the quality of music that hey play. I am very humbled, happy, and proud to be where i am today. I have always loved watching people dance to the backbeat, and know the crowd moves wth me.